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María Paramo is the creative mind
behind Estrujamentes. Digital artist,
writer, illustrator and psychologist. 

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 She chooses digital collage as a painting technique, and reflective writing as an opportunity for subjectification and resistance to a predominantly rational world.  

His vertebral theme:


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I am here, waiting for me, while i let circulate what people need.


As a digital artist she has integrated her technical-poetic works into her visual ones, creating images and texts in unison with one another.


Through Estrujamentes, María Páramo gives rise to a visual and poetic device of mental transgression, one which creates and recreates fields of experimentation to bring people closer to systems of thought deemed alternative to traditional ones.

Her aim is to provoke meaning without the need for rationalisation.

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Her aesthetics is one of reflective gesture: at the sametime cryptic, cosmic and metaphysical.


He has recently ventured into the ecosystem of the Metaverses, specifically of the NFT ́s, as a possibility of extending its scope to other digital scenarios and emerging economies, with the intention of participating in the democratization of access to information and art. 


I am nine ETH
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NFT Expositions:

Ancient Warriors Gallery 

Los Ángeles, California.

Adelia Art Gallery
Liverpool, Reino Unido.

Boccanera Gallery
Milán, Italia.

Blockchain Summit Latam 2022

NFT Expoverse
Los Ángeles, California.

and multiple virtual exhibits in the Metaverse.